British Adventures in Low-Carb Cooking


Hi! I’m Zoe.

I’m not a health professional, nutritionist or personal trainer, so this isn’t a site to learn how to follow a keto way of life – there’s LOADS out there that do that (and at some point I might add a resources page).

What I am, is keen on good food, practical sustainability and being healthy, so I’m aiming to share the kind of food that I cook, with an eye on the scientific evidence behind low carb diets, and perhaps some progress updates along the way.

I’m British, living in South London, so expect recipes with metric measurements and typical ingredients that can be found here. I love cooking, but during the week favour food that can be assembled quickly, which means easy meals without too many ingredients, combined with some complex or time-consuming ones that I make in bulk and freeze portions for eating at a later date.

I’m a relative newcomer to the keto hype, but did Atkins back at uni when it was popular in the early 2000s with pretty good (if not permanent) success.

In 2013-2014 I lost a stone and a half (about 9.5kg) thanks to daily food tracking, calorie counting and near-daily exercise. In late 2014 I changed jobs so my 30 minute cycle commute, became an hour-long car trip, and our micro-office environment is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. 

Whilst I have joined various gyms and tried to fit in exercise where I can, an increasing workload and resultant desire to do very little by the time I get home, has meant this is quite sporadic and so the weight has slowly crept back on and by 2019 I was nearly back to where I started… So after introducing intermittent fasting in Spring 2019 with a little success, I decided to ease myself into low-carb eating during July, with full transition to a keto way of life at the start of August.

I practice ‘dirty’ keto, so not all recipes will be suitable for ‘clean’ keto fans!

My Personal Keto Framework

I’m 5’2″ and my goal weight is about 9 stone (59kg).

I practice ‘dirty’ keto; I aim to keep my carbohydrate intake to 20g or less, I keep an eye on my protein to make sure I’m not overdoing it, and roughly keep my calories around the 1,300 kcal mark, topping up with fat where necessary.

I will eat what I like within reason and where it fits my macros, and I won’t feel guilty about overdoing the carbs on occasion – this is real life after all, and the water weight comes off easily enough when returning to keto.

In the same vein, I’m not averse to using keto-friendly sweeteners, flours or products that include sugar, honey etc so long as I don’t exceed my daily carb count or calories by a big margin, or on a regular basis.

I’m lactose intolerant (diagnosed via exclusion diet), so I tend not to rely on the regular keto staple of dairy cream, but am fine with fermented milk or lower-lactose products like harder cheeses, yoghurt, soured cream and creme fraiche. I will often use lactose-free milk or oat milk in place of regular milk where required.